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Windows, NIC changes and rebooting

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  • Windows, NIC changes and rebooting

    OK. Here's the story. My "boss" tells me that after I make small changes to the NIC setting in our Windows 2000 server machines that I need to reboot the machines afterwards...Now, I *DO* know that Window's OS's older than 2000 needed to do this, but I'm of the belief that if you make a change in the NIC settings and it doesn't say to reboot the server, then you don't really need to...
    Here is the specific...
    I changed the NIC Link setting from auto/auto to reflect the ISP setting at the switch of 100/full.
    After I made that change, it kicked me off my terminal server session. I relogged back in and everything was fine...
    This tells me that the negotiation setting was changed with no problems and that no reboot was necessary.
    I guess what I need, is a list of what NIC changes require a reboot and what don't!
    Does this list exist anywhere?
    web/gadget guru