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  • Multiple domain options

    I have a laptop that i use in work on a domain, but i have also installed a network domain in my house. Both servers are Small Business 2003.

    In Uni, we are able to select which domain to log on to at the Welcome logon screen. How do they do that?

    I want to have my laptop to have the options of logging on Locally, on the work domain and my house domain.

    Can someone explain how to do this please using Windows XP Pro.

    Many thanks

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    Re: Multiple domain options

    I can see and understand what you want to do; but, unfortunately, it is not possible to do it in your situation.

    In order to be able to select which domain to log into at the Welcome screen, the various domains have been set to trust each other, giving the user the ability to log onto any given domain in the list (assuming (s)he has been given the rights to do so).

    In your situation, there are 2 factors which prevent this from happening:
    1) The 2 domains do not trust each other
    2) The Small Business Server solution does not allow trusts between domains by explicit and intentional design.

    The easiest solution in your case may be to use the same username and password on both domains.

    The other more complicated and more costly solution, is to have a standard version of Windows Server 2003 at your home, create a VPN connection between your office and home and have the Windows Server 2003 machine at home be a domain controller.

    Hope this helps!