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Two versions of Windows

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  • Two versions of Windows

    I am hoping to help a friend who has a PC where some fool has installed Win XP but still leaving Win 2000 presumably in another partition. So it is perhaps not surprising he cannot get a printer to install and work.

    I have software to reformat the whole drive prior to reinstalling Win XP etc. But that of course takes time. I also have a Linux or a Mini XP to run temporary in RAM capable showing and deleting any folders / files.

    What is the quickest way to remove the Win 2000 partition so I can delete both versions of Windows prior to reinstalling Win XP.

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    Re: Two versions of Windows

    If it is a full reinstall, I would delete the partitions at the XP installation (blue screen) phase

    Boot from the XP media (you do know its out of support?) and early on it will display a list of partitions with options to delete them, create new ones etc.

    This assumes you have copied anything you want to keep first
    [EDIT - moving this thread to the XP/2000 forum for better responses]
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      Re: Two versions of Windows

      I agree with Tom. The easiest way to do this is to delete the partitions during the XP install.


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        Re: Two versions of Windows

        Thanks guys, but at my age ( 81 ) I can never remember the procedure for installing XP so I have kept part of below if my pal does ask me for my help.

        I have a partition on an old PC with XP left over from when I had Mint Linux installed with XP. But I have never managed to delete the partition only delete most of its contents and its opening option. A pal in the Radio club suggest I also use the XP OS disk to delete the partition. But once deleted will it be safe for me to abort installing XP presumably using the Cancel option.


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          Re: Two versions of Windows

          Something waaaaay back in my cavernous pit of a brain suggests you look at Add remove/programs and see if there is an option to uninstall Windows 2000. I seem to remember this as an option for an operating system but I can't remember which one or if it had to be installed in a certain order. Anyway, it is worth a look.
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