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  • send command from right click

    I am working with a web enabled radiology viewer and I am trying to give the physicians a command send prompt via a right click when they have a window open with MS explorer. I would like to send the text file to folder(s) by allowing the user to select from about 3 choices. Is this possible to do ?
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    Re: send command from right click

    The sendto locations are mostly just shortcuts in:

    c:\documents and settings\%username%\sendto

    Just create shortcuts to the three locations in there. Hope that is what you was asking for!
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      Re: send command from right click

      I have discovered that actually this file type is a little different. when I look at the properties it says its a
      Protocol HTML
      Type JSP

      I would really like to right click or go to the File-Send and have the location listed there so they could send a copy to several folder locations. Is this possible.


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        Re: send command from right click

        Take a look at "SendToToys.exe" - do a search, can't remember the website I got them from. It allows for customisation and might get you started while you figure out how it all works