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  • XP Workgroup Environment

    I have two XP systems in Workgroup Environment. I would like to access the C$ shares of each other without creating shares.

    If I manually share the folders I can access but when I access \\hostname\C$

    it does not prompt for username/password. The ping by hostname works, name resolution issue is ruled out. I believe it's a normal behavior in workgroup environment. How can I resolve this?

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    Re: XP Workgroup Environment

    The root shares (C$ etc) are "administrative shares and only accessable to a local admin account
    If you have the same username and password for each PC so they will seamlessly access each other.

    If you want other accounts to work, create another share for the root of C drive (e.g. C_Drive) and access it in the normal way

    Not quite clear if you cannot access the shares at the moment, or if you can but you want it to ask for credentials?
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      Re: XP Workgroup Environment

      I have around 50 xp systems in workgroup and I have to deploy antivirus from a central console which is failing. During the deployment I am supplying admin credentials but it fails. Since manually accessing C$ is not prompting for username/password, I need to resolve this issue. ie: make it prompt for username/password whenever I access C$. How can I enable it?


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        Re: XP Workgroup Environment

        So long as the username and password you supply has administrative access to each computer the installation should work. However, I use Sophos in our environment (a domain), and unless the remote registry service is started and running the install will fail. It may, therefore, be a different reason than the one you assume that is causing the AV install to fail.

        As Ossian says C$ is an administrative share that exists by default so you don't need to create it.

        Which AV are you trying to install?
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          Re: XP Workgroup Environment

          I am trying to deploy McAfee ePO.
          I have tested the same in a domain environment works fine but in workgroup it fails.

          In the first place I have to make sure that \\hostname\c$ prompts for username and password. The firewall is disabled, what else do I need to verify?


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            Re: XP Workgroup Environment

            The only way to do that is to try to access the share from an account that does not have access to \\PC\C$. As far as I know this is the only way to get XP to prompt you for a UN\PW (but I am probably wrong )

            Do you have the save password feature ticked on the XP box you are trying to install the AV software from? If you do, try clearing that.
            A recent poll suggests that 6 out of 7 dwarfs are not happy