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Duplicate name exist on network

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  • Duplicate name exist on network

    I have a few XP pro pc which are in a domain environment. Out of sudden starting from last week, some of these computer showing me windows system error on duplicate name exist on network.

    I have tried to change the hostname and when restart, the same error message still appears after restarting. if I change the PC back to workgroup, this message will disappear. but appears back when I rejoin the domain.

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    Re: Duplicate name exist on network

    For those PCs which give you the duplicate name error, make sure they are NOT in the domain. Then using Active Directory Users and Computers admin tool, navigate to the OU which holds those PC names. Right-click each one and select 'Reset Account'.

    Then look in your DNS zones for records of those PC names, in Forward and Reverse (if available) lookup zones, and delete the DNS records for those names. Also check your DHCP leases, delete those names there as well.

    Boot up one of the problem PCs and rejoin it to the domain. What happens?
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