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system clock is slow.

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  • system clock is slow.

    Hi there.

    I am an IT SUPPORT for multination corp in Korea.

    I have some question.

    One of company staff has a strange problem.

    The company using AD environment.(there are 9 staff in the office)

    Only one staff has a slow system clock in his windows XP.

    Almost 5minutes slow, So I have changed the battery of mainboard

    And re-configuration the clock, but the clock has been changed.

    If the AD server has a problem. why only one staff has the wrong clock problem?

    Is there a relation with AD server and client PC?

    Thank you in advance.

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    Re: system clock is slow.

    usually, a domain member PC should synchronise with the domain controller.

    a 5 minute skew is ok, although definitely not ideal.
    Look at the w32tm command and troubleshoot time a bit more.
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