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OS hangs will loading

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  • OS hangs will loading

    Hello all

    my winXP pro hangs While Loading
    While exploring the problem I found thet the pagefile.sys is on the wrong HD.
    not on OS system drive

    hes Enyone heve incounter this problm

    I did Use defrag and change the partition before the problem occurred
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    Re: OS hangs will loading

    The pagefile being on a different drive is not a problem as long as the OS knows where it is, and you havn't "moved" the file manually somehow.

    No pagefile on your Sys partition will not give you a memory dump in case of a BSOD, not a big problem.

    What do you mean by

    I did Use defrag and chenge the paratition befor the problem accer
    Well defrag is obvious but "change partition" ??? What did you do ?

    Have you tried Last Known Good Config or Safe Mode ?

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      Re: OS hangs will loading

      hello topper

      well as it sims is thet all drive laters have chenged .
      I dont no why but sys drive is now G: will the registery point to E:
      and my gass is thet the sys hangs will puting the pagefile.sys on E:

      do U know of eny whay to rearrange the drive letters to the old settings

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        Re: OS hangs will loading

        I think you should image your drive using something like Ghost.

        Re-install XP, then recover your stuff using Ghopst explorer or similar.

        You could also try a non-destructive repair.


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          Re: OS hangs will loading

          well thanks

          I fond a good article for the problem


          sorry for the grammar mistake