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Not Able to logon as admin in Windows XP

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  • Not Able to logon as admin in Windows XP


    I have installed Oracle DB in an external drive and when I restarted the machine it said the external drive needs to synchronized and now it shows this external drive as one of the hard drives

    My problem is, when I logon with the same admin passwd which I have been using before the oracle installation, I will be logged on
    to the system but not as administrator anymore
    And strangely, I am not logged on as any user when I check the task manager
    When I press 'CTRL+ALT+DELETE,in the task manager, I don't see any user accounts at all which makes me think that I was not logged on as user or admin

    Even in control panel,when I select user accounts,it's a blank screen
    And all the windows services have been stopped because of this I think.
    I can see that the windows firewall and all other services have been stopped
    I can't even start them as it's not logging me in as admin even while I USE THE SAME PASSWD which I used as admin before
    It won't even allow me to install any software also as I am not considered as admin anymore by the system.This is my personal PC and I don't want to re-install the entire OS as I have many softwares installed

    I need to know how I can logon as admin given this situation
    Please help me in resolving this problem

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Not Able to logon as admin in Windows XP

    Add the account which u used to logon by to the Domain Admins Group in the ADUC. or try to logon by the Domain Admin into the Machine that u have installed the Oracle and do what ever u want to do.
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