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XP startup issue

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  • XP startup issue

    When my sysem starts xp hangs before my desktop and icons appear.
    The only way I found around this is to alt-control-delete and end the explorer process, then restart it. At this piont xp starts but nothing runs in system tray. Programs will not run correctly if started manually either. If anyone knows a fix or if my explorer is corrupt let me know PLEASE.

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    Does it eventually bring up the desktop? or does it just hang indefinitely until you kill explorer?

    Try leaving it for a few minutes and see if it loads by itself.

    Have you done anything to the PC recently, installed any software? changed any settings? Updated any packages?

    Do you have System Restore turned on? Have you tried restoring from a previous restore point?

    I know these are basic questions but it may give us a better idea of how to help you.

    Let us know.
    If at first you dont succeed, Google it!


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      After 2 hours still not start. I actually have desktop wallpaper but that is all. No icons or start bar. I tried to repair from xp cd, took several hours but solved nothing. Was a member of a domain but not now. Have uninstalled any programs that run at startup but solved nothing. Did system restore, solved nothing. Norton AV when started manually will run but only to scan pc, will not enable auto protect.

      Is it possible EZCD could be problem? Been running for 1 year now with no prior problems. All win updates installed, sp1 included with xp cd.

      Recently installed sp1a, no help.

      All I can think of for now.


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        One other thing.

        Have tried to start in selective startup.
        Cleared "load startup Items", but when restarted load startup items is rechecked. Will not clear "ctfmon" from startup list.


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          I have seen Direct CD cause these problems before, try removing that if you have it installed.

          You mentioned that the PC used to be part of a Domain, has the machine been fully removed and added to a Workgroup?

          I have also read somewhere that Nortons AV (and other AV software) can cause start-up problems try removing that completely rather than re-installing.

          This may be one of those "Process of Elimination" type faults that if you have the time, try deleting packages, stopping services, etc, to try to locate what is hanging the PC.

          Or....If you don't have the time a more drastic measure is to format and re-install (this may be a quicker option in the long run?).

          If you do re-install buy a product like Symantec's Ghost or PowerQuests DriveImage (Both the same company now!) and once you have installed everything take an image of the disk. That way if ever you have a problem again, it isn't such a hardship to re-install the base image back.

          ....just save all your personal documents to a seperate drive or archive off before re-imaging.

          All the best,

          If at first you dont succeed, Google it!


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            Yes it was removed from the domain and is now a member of a workgroup.

            Uninstalled Norton AV & Easy CD but that also did not help.

            During Boot in the task manager there are 5 instances of svchost.exe - 3 for system - 1 for network service - 1 for local service.

            Stopping any of these processes does nothing, but when restart explorer Mem usage values all change.


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              HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Curr entVersion\Run

              export this key before doing anything...

              then just for kicks delete the entire key...

              if this doesnt help I've got a whole new bag of tips.

              hint: HKEY_LOCAL_USER has the same sorta key obviouly loaded for the current user. If creating a new profile isn't what you plan on doing you should also try looking @ that key.

              Have fun
              Brad Bentley


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                Okay, I exported Run reg key then deleted. This didn't help.

                But I created a new user account and logged on fine. Everything worked well under that account.


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                  Hey bbentley,

                  You pointed me in the right direction.

                  When looking at the "run" reg key I happened to look in the "runonce" key also.There was an entry for "program files\ddm\sysu.exe.

                  This is "dynamic desktop media" that has to do with a sports game my son probably installed. Deleted this key and system boots properly. my pc problem has been going on for approx 2 months now.

                  All Maple Leaf Fans thank you for your help.


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                    Good to know I can be usefull.
                    Brad Bentley


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                      Re: XP startup issue

                      i am having a similar problem. Win XP home hangs before all the icons appear. I rolled back using system restore with no luck,i can get in using safe mode though. Right now i am copying all my pics from my c drive to my f drive. To be honest i think it is a hard drive issue...maybe? The hard drive seems to making the same patern of noises.(same patern of clicks kinda like) over and over. I was able to do a disk check on it and it took forever but didn't say anything was bad. I'm thinking maybe it is just turning slow or something?

                      I just put in a 300 G HD a couople weeks ago and my main HD is only 80 G, and have my old 80 G that was in before the 300 G just sitting all alone. Is it possible to copy the whole c drive onto the 300G F drive and then swap out the c drive with the other 80G, boot up using the "copy" on F and then coping the whole "old" c drive off of the F drive and pput it back on the new C drive and change it to boot off of the New C again?

                      or maybe it isn't the HD? I am able to get to everything on the current 80 G HD now in safe mode, It just won't boot up normal?

                      I might also add that i just renewed my nortons subscription on the 1st and the trouble happened on the 3rd, but have rebooted a couple times since with no problems.

                      I also havn't tried rebooting with the windows xp disc in yet and try to reload windows. I wan't to save the important stuff i can while i still can before i do something that could make me loose any info. The HD is about 6 years old.

                      anyway just in case anyone needs it:

                      Dell 8200
                      2.8 P4
                      1 G Mem
                      c: 80G
                      f: 300G
                      h: external 250G
                      win xp home sp2 all up to date

                      any suggestions?



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                        Re: XP startup issue

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