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Recovering registry info from a backup

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  • Recovering registry info from a backup

    Ok. Here is a tough one for you guys...

    I had to reinstall Windows XP Home on a computer because it was beyond repair. Unfortunately, I forgot to pull the serial number for Office 2003 Pro out before I repartition/formatted the drive. And of course, the customer has absolutely no clue where the original case for the product is. I did however back up the entire HDD to another cumputer because it was only about 6gb.

    Is there any way to recover information from the registry file on that computers backup?

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    Re: Recovering registry info from a backup

    Read this article man
    and make sure you download the updated version that will read the office 2003 cd key from the registry. You will need to boot up from the backed up hard drive.
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      Re: Recovering registry info from a backup

      Yes, my life would be much easier if I were able to boot up the drive. But unfortunately I cannot. The entire drive was copied to a folder on another HDD, so the files are there, but there is certainly no way to boot it. I was hoping I could get into the registry in that backup, but I don't even know where on the disk the registry is kept. And of course I didn't back up the registry to a file before hand.

      If anyone has any suggestions at all, I would be very appreciative.


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        Re: Recovering registry info from a backup

        Just a thought. If your client has registered his copy of Office with Microsoft it may be worth contacting them as they may be able to assist with the original key or supply a new one.
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          Re: Recovering registry info from a backup

          open up {backup-drive}\WINDOWS\system32\config\software in notepad. you are looking for the ProductID under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\11.0\ Registration. do a search for ProductID in notepad until you find it.
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