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different application route different ip

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  • different application route different ip

    Hi all,

    Anyone can tell how to do the following setting?

    We have 2 line connect to our branch. One is IPLC is for ERP system and the other is a ADSL for internet, mail. We have a CCTV system connect to branch.
    When we use CCTV program, it go to IPLC and use most of the bandwidth. The CCTV program cannot set route to which ip. Our IPLC is connect with a cisco 1750. The ADSL is connect with Fortigate 200.

    1. I want to control user when use CCTV program route to ADSL ip. How can I set it?

    2. The client is use win xp.

    3. Where can I set it? cisco, fortigate, or client?