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Windows XP Printer issue

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  • Windows XP Printer issue

    Hi everyone

    i was using my pc using administrator account and i have already installed all 5 printers that i'm having on this pc. i wanted to give access to my worker so i setup a new standard account and let him log in that account.when he try to use the printers logging as standard user it asks installing programs under new user and asks for administrator username and password.I put administrator username,password and tick the box for remembering password.but when i reboot the pc, it did not remember the username,password and again asks for it.pls help me to resolve this

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    Re: Windows XP Printer issue

    You've got 5 printers on one PC? Is this box a print server for an office network or what?

    Assuming the username/password dialog you see is for USB drivers, best thing to do is give the user admin rights for one login session on the PC. When the USB drivers install successfully, log the user out and remove him from the admin group so he's only a standard user. Next time he logs in he should be able to use the printers.
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