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USB printer going offline

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  • USB printer going offline

    okay I have a situation where I have installed a local USB printer that Windows XP Pro Edition has the drivers for. The printer is an HP DJ 960 C. Well it installs and prints just fine. The problem is when it sits for a while it will go offline, when I try to make it go online, it will says its ready but it will not print. I have to unplug the printer delete the printer and let XP re-install it.

    Now I also have a Canon I80 which is strictly a USB portable computer that XP did not have drivers for that I had to go download. Well it is doing the exact same thing.

    Is there a setting that keeps these printers online all of the time to prevent this from happening? Keep in mind I have both of these systems fully updated with all updates and current printer drivers. Thanks for any help.


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    Re: USB printer going offline

    Check that the USB port isn't going into a power save mode. Device Manager, Hardware, USB Controllers, USB Root Hub Properties, Power Management and make sure the tick is removed from the power save option.
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      Re: USB printer going offline

      Thanks..I will try this and report back..thank you so much..


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        Re: USB printer going offline

        Here's a screenshot of what to look for...

        Check every listing as described above.
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          Re: USB printer going offline

          Thanks I found it with no problems and it seems to be working so far. Thanks for the help. I really appreciate it we have like over two hundred laptops to deploy and this has helped....