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Memory reference error

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  • Memory reference error

    We have a computer that runs a few applications, and they appear to be running fine, until you close the app. You then get htis error:

    The instruction at "oxooe4edad" referenced memory at "0x010e98xx" The memory could not be "read" Click OK to terminate the program

    We initially thought it was memory related, and replaced it with a new computer with more memory, but the same error occurred.
    What is unique about this computer, is that it is one of two computers that use the same login account and have 4 monitors
    I have logged onto this computer with my login account, and the error was not there, which rules out the user profile. The replacment of the hardware also rules out drivers or graphic cards, as the old computer had a dedicated 4 port graphics card, while the new one has an onboard card and 3 USB to VGA adapters
    This happens for any applications run on any of the two computers. The same applications can be run anywhere else without the error

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    Re: Memory reference error

    Have you tried a fresh OS build??


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      Re: Memory reference error

      That was done with the hardware replacement
      It would probably explain one computer having issues, but both computers are having the same issues, thereby rulling out hardware or memory


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        Re: Memory reference error

        Since you've ruled out hardware (memory or other) then it must be software. But you sound as if you don't think it could be, since you've replaced drivers when newer hardware went in.

        You're certain this only manifests after closing this one single app, and not anything associated with it (dependancies?) Sounds to me like the app itself is the culprit. What's the app, and why 4 screens? Have you tried the same app with only 1 or 2 screens just to see what happens?
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          Re: Memory reference error

          The 4 screens are using the same app with different login accounts to monitor different sectors of the world.
          I've tried replicating it on another computer, configured the same with 4 monitors, and could not replicate the error.


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            Re: Memory reference error

            I'm about to build another computer that uses another login account, hoping that having the two computers log in with different user account will fix the issue.

            Will let you know how I get on