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cant reinstall XP

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  • cant reinstall XP

    I'm trying to reinstall Windows XP to clean up my system because too much of my C drive is used and not enough free space. It will not boot to the disc. I've tried the recovery discs from manufacturer and a MS XP disc home edition. The system goes straight to the desktop and acts like a disc is not in the drive. I've also tried the install by accessing the disc through my computer and clicking on install, and it says the OS loaded is newer than the one on the disc, so it will not auto install. I've checked the bios and the cd drive is the first boot order, removable devices second, and hard drive is third. I've tried a boot disc in the floppy and it states invalid disc. Ugh! Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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    Re: cant reinstall XP

    Possibly the floppies u tried wernt floppy boot disks as that message usually only appears when the disk is not a system boot disk. and as for not being able to boot from cd-rom check the jumper (slave master settings) and the ide cables and if its on the secondary ide slot set it as master, try not to use cable select . and make sure its plugged into the end cable slot (not the one in the middle). On boot up see if the bios gives a message to select boot sequence or enter setup . if this is the case then u might be selecting the boot sequence. ive seen this not work before go into the bios setup and change it in there
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      Re: cant reinstall XP

      Is your system set to boot from the CD??


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        Re: cant reinstall XP

        Does your xp disc is bootable ?
        maby your cdrom device is the cause ?
        try to change it to a different 1.
        Are you sure that it isn't an upgrade xp disk ?
        Consider your floppy it can be like the above :
        1. not bootable
        2. broken floppy disk
        3. broken floppy drive.

        goodluck !