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Win XP pc network connectivity error

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  • Win XP pc network connectivity error

    Hi guys

    I have seen this happen a couple of times.
    But the recent case happened today again

    Windows XP Pro SP3

    The pc can suddenly not open up a web page in internet explorer (or any other browser)

    Outlook send receive gives an error that the connection to the server was interrrupted

    If i do a restart on the pc, login. It works fine again
    Only the XP machines seem to have this issue

    When checking the network connection before restarting, the pc can ping the router, the server. The network

    I do get this event error in the log many times: MrxSmb
    The redirector failed to determine the connection type

    thanks guys

    Any help appreciated
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    Re: Win XP pc network connectivity error

    is your friend. It found this MS article as the first hit:

    Give it a go.
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      Re: Win XP pc network connectivity error

      Can you also browse folders on your network?

      Also is your email server on your network is it hosted at another office or with a hosting company?

      Also are the clients on your network mostly xp?



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        Re: Win XP pc network connectivity error

        Hi there, sorry for the delay

        I have not tried to browse for folders yet when the XP is doing that, but will give it a go!

        Yes my mail server is locally on my network so no ISP related problems.
        yes i'd say about 65% of my pc's are XP Pro with SP3

        thanks for the response