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trouble logging into a Windows XP SP3 desktop using RDP

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  • trouble logging into a Windows XP SP3 desktop using RDP

    Hello Everybody,


    I have trouble logging into a Windows XP SP3 desktop using RDP.

    Here is the scenario:

    Have setup a LAN(using a Nokia Siemens ADSL2 Type 4 modem with inbuilt switch) and connected 2 Windows XP SP3 computers(a desktop and a Laptop) via LAN.

    I am able to login via RDP from the laptop normally - that is when a user is logged in the desktop I am able login via RDP from the laptop.

    My actual requirement is

    To cold boot the desktop via Wake-on-LAN from the laptop and login to the desktop through RDP.

    I am able to boot the desktop via Wake-on-LAN. But when the default.rdp file is invoked, it throws the error

    "cannot connect to remote Computer"

    For RDP'ng, have saved a default.rdp file with the computer name(not the IP address) and user credentials.

    (Once booted,I am able to ping the computer using hostname and IP; can access the admin shares as well. Also after I initiate a logon session on the desktop computer directly, I am able to login remotely from the laptop.)


    On the desktop computer,

    The default Windows Firewall has been disabled.
    Using a Kaspersky 2012 Internet Security with Kaspersky Firewall enabled.
    The Kaspersky Firewall is configured to allow Remote Desktop connections \
    on local network.
    Have enabled Windows classic logon on the desktop computer. Disabled the
    welcome screen and fast user switching mode

    What else need to be configured/tweaked?? Please help!!