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Resolving XP BSOD x50

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  • Resolving XP BSOD x50

    I have a Dell Dimension XPS Gen 5 with XP which was crashing on boot with a STOP x21a, code x139. I was unable to resolve that, and decided to perform a repair install. Now the install process gets most of the way through, the screen goes black and then returns to the install screen several times (which I think is normal video mode switching), and then you can hear the power being cut off, and a BSOD x50 (PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA) comes up. At the bottom of the screen it says that a physical dump is happening, and then a line below that says the dump completed.

    I can attach the hard drive to another machine and read the entire contents of the drive. I don't find the dump file (*.DMP) in c:\windows\minidump or anywhere else. I suspect that the power is being cut off to the drive before the dump can be written.

    I need to know how to determine (and change) the dump settings, given that I cannot bring Windows up and therefore need to make changes to files (registry etc.) in order to succeed. If there are changes I can make that prevent the power from being cut off, that would also be helpful.

    My intent, once I get the dump file, is to analyze it in order to see where the install goes south, and what I can do about it. If there are other files (logs etc.) that I should also be looking at, please advise.

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    Re: Resolving XP BSOD x50

    looks like you machine is running SATA hard drive.
    Windows XP doen't have SATA hard drive driver.
    you can install the driver using floppy drive during the installation, or downlaod a software called nLite ( the software let's you insert the reuqired driver.

    also check if there is problem with your memory, try resit or replaced them..
    can u install others OS, like ubuntu?
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      Re: Resolving XP BSOD x50

      Thanks for the reply.

      Yes, the HD is a SATA drive. The driver is already there, and is being copied from the existing install. If that were not the case, the install process would fail long before it actually does. I can see the files that have been changed by their timestamp, which corresponds to the attempts I made to run the repair install. That would not be possible if the install process could not see the drive on account of a missing driver.

      I have pulled each of the memory sticks, and then replaced them both, with the same BSOD. I do not believe that this particular x50 is related to faulty memory sticks.

      Any other thoughts ?


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        Re: Resolving XP BSOD x50

        Have you tried to download and run Dell diagnostic tool? this is to eliminate any hardware error..
        Dell diagnostic tool can be download from Dell website, some PC comes with Dell diagnostic tool (Hit F12 and for boot menu)


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          Re: Resolving XP BSOD x50

          If the issue was the SATA drivers you would get a 0x0000007B Unmountable Boot Volume blue screen.

          Most Dell laptops (if that's what you have) have onboard diagnostics. Hold down Fn when pressing the power button and you'll see Diagnostic Boot Selected at the Splash Screen. Many desktops also have an onboard HDD Drive Short Test, select the one-time boot menu and the option will appear there.
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