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Sysrep : HAL

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  • Sysrep : HAL


    I have been trying to get the updateUHAL/updateHAL to work on Windows XP sysprep...

    but i seem to fail each time, as the HAL's dont get updated to certain machines.

    for example.
    I install a XP OS, on one, that has HT, so it has ACPI Multiprocessor installed for the computer configuration.

    then i take the image and clone other computers that dont have HT, and they crash...

    or doesnt it work like that for HAL?
    only for drivers?

    wonder if someone could help me on this...
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    Re: Sysrep : HAL

    Thats because you need to create an image for each DIFFERENT computer.

    So in this scenario you need 2 images, one for HT and on without.


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      Re: Sysrep : HAL


      so why are there options to update HAL in the sysprep?


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        Re: Sysrep : HAL

        TBH I'm not sure. It's been many moons since i created sysprep images. I always thought you needed a seperate image for each PC.


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          Re: Sysrep : HAL

          I really would like to use ONLY one image for all uniprocessors, and multi.

          But i will be doing more testing, and figuring out.


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            Re: Sysrep : HAL

            Post back if you find a solution. I'm sure a great many would be interested. I believe Vista is supposed to be more hardware tolerant when using sysprep.
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              Re: Sysrep : HAL

              Sure will.

              I don't think we be using Vista for our teachnet for the university just yet. :P hence its still in its beta testing anywhos.
              We don't even have XP out there (still on windows 2000)

              We are developing XP image for the teachnet, just after christmas, as our new project, and setting up the windows 2003 server too.

              (im playing with Xp for the staff use)


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                Re: Sysrep : HAL

                I was nearly, NEARLY there.

                By using this
                under unattended

                But you must install XP on a Uniprocessor computer, for it to work properly.
                By using this, this will detect the correct HAL for each computer.

                but the only down side I found so far, is I have to login to admin on each computer, so it will auto install the driver, and then ask me to restart.

                Shall get a fix for this,

                and my image is all bugged, so im going to start from scratch on a uniprocessor computer, and then work from there.

                Least im getting some where.

                because I have 100 computers, and all have HT, but our image doesnt have have the HT feature installed and using "ACPI" configuration for the image..
                so im losing out on all the resources.

                but yeah,
                I shall do my worse on getting it all to work.


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                  Re: Sysrep : HAL

                  i came across this today not had a chance to try it out yet but might be what your looking for


                  basically a better version of sysprep, they recon that you can use the same image on any pc,

                  i.e. create one image for any hardware.

                  (they clame to be the original creators of Ghost!)


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                    Re: Sysrep : HAL

                    they claim to be the creaters? =O

                    I shall take a look.
                    thanks for the info/link


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                      Re: Sysrep : HAL

                      Alright, update:

                      today, I finally got it select the correct hal configuration for all machines. just by using
                      ForceHALDetection=Yes under unattended section.

                      And all machines have got the right hal configuration.



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                        Re: Sysrep : HAL

                        Well Done m8

                        Thanks for letting us know


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                          Re: Sysrep : HAL

                          Yeah, 2 weeks, to find that SINGLE line....
                          According to the information for that tag. it uses it for the RIS...

                          but oh well, it works for me anywho...