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USB Printer and sharing with two Win XP PC's

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  • USB Printer and sharing with two Win XP PC's

    Dear Experts,

    I have two Win XP professional computer in one room at my office, both computer are member of domain also they have local computer administrator account password protected. Recently I installed HP 4015 printer with usb to one PC and shared it, and add it on the other PC, when adding this printer I used credentials of local administrator account of PC on which printer is directly connected and then I checked remember password. OK done, it worked for 3,4 days.

    After that 5th day it says access denied on PC on which I added the printer. I removed it and add again, it worked for a day. The next day when users turned on their PCs , the same PC gave message access denied, while on PC it is connected directly with USB working perfectly.
    Any solutions to troubleshoot this issue? Waiting for expert replies.


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    Re: USB Printer and sharing with two Win XP PC's

    If they are domain members, why are you using local account credentials and not domain authentication to connect?
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      Re: USB Printer and sharing with two Win XP PC's

      Personally I would purchase a $30 USB Print Server and not have the connected to a local machine and autentication issues.
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