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Can access \\x but not \\x\x

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  • Can access \\x but not \\x\x

    We have one XP SP3 machine at the office who can get to \\ntwkname and see our user document backup folder \\ntwkname\user but that's all, we have 25+ folders on there she cant see, and our "common" drive she can only access by IP, \\ntwkname\common on our network share and everyone else but her can see it, everyone has permissions for it until you get four and five folders deep into the share, it appears her machine can't see it as a network share, however the IP address for it works and she can access anywhere she has permissions for it. I'm lost here. Guide me oh great pro's.
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    Re: Can access \\x but not \\x\x

    Can she access the same shares when logged onto another PC?

    So, to summarise, she can access the server by typing \\servername but when she does this she can only see one share - \\servername\username ? She can not see \\servername\common?

    When using \\IP-Address can she see the other shares?

    What is the server OS?
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