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Supplemental Language Support in Win XP

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  • Supplemental Language Support in Win XP

    Dear Friends,

    when we install windows XP, It does not install the support for right to left languages. When we want to install this feature we use the following procedure:

    Go to Control Panel
    --Click Regional Languages and Setting
    --Click on Languages Tab
    --Check the box: Install files for complex script and right to left languages(including Thai)
    --This will require to insert the windows xp CD.

    I want to know that can we done all this without inserting the Win XP CD. I mean we may install all these files from a folder on a flopy of Flash Drive. By knowing these files we can make a separate setup program that install this feature on system running windows XP.

    I put this question on so many forums but no one give the right answer. I hopt that you are able to solve this problem. If you find the solution then email me also.

    Thanking you in anticipation.

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    Re: Supplemental Language Support in Win XP

    Why not create a central share and put the i386 folder from your XP CD there.

    You ca then run a script at logon that will change the source from the CD to the network drive.

    I know there is a script about that can do this for you.

    Here is a link to a tut that will show you how to do this. Also with some editing the script will run without user intervention.