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  • Folder permission problems


    We have a win2k domain controller with couple of servers and 150 clients.

    My problem is that we have a mapped network drive N:. Network drive N: contains subfolders called Folder1, Folder2 etc etc. I want a user to have full control of Folder1 so I have applied full access to this folder and all subfolders within it. The user can view folders and files within Folder1, but when they try to create a new folder or file inside Folder1 they get an access denied message.

    I have tried many things to get this working ie restarted the servers, created new folder under N: and copied contents of Folder1 into it and even deleted the user account and re-created it.

    The user is also a memeber of domain users so i gave domain users full access to Folder1 to see what would happen. All domain users can now access and create files etc with Folder1 but this user still cannot.

    Does anyone have any suggestions cause i have no idea what to do now and it is really annoying me.



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    Re: Folder permission problems

    After you create the folder remove the check from the box to inherit permissions from the root of folder 1. Choose to remove all permissions and assign the needed permissions manually. Also make sure under the sharing tab -> Permissions button that the account/group is visible there with the rights you want as well.

    Once you have it the way you want create a folder off the root and then force permissions to child objects and enable inherit from parent on child folders. It should now stay that way.

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