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XP windows Admin pass+Hd Problem

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  • XP windows Admin pass+Hd Problem

    i hope someone can help me ... First let me Tell you whats going on ... I Moved and instead of haulin all my computer crap with me i snagged the HardDrive .. i got to my new home and trew it into the computer that is here .. "which is better than what i had" it would get to booting the Hardrive .. then it would say "os not found" so i put the HardDrive that was already in this computer back in and used my non bootable one as a Slave. I was able to gain about 95% of the hard Drive but was unable to gain access to the Admin E:\doc&settin\Mike <- admin folder which has everything i need in it ... so here are a few things i have tried.... i took my unbootable Hd Lets just call it "mike" took that and put in the Xp Disk and started the computer .. went in to the Repair "R" brings up a ms dos promt which ask which account i wanna access which i only have one option E:\windows so i type Logon press 1 and it ask for Admin Password i tried everything i could think of but i cant get it ... so i tried to load a Nt Password recorvey disk i got off a website .. took the xp disk out and booted "Mike" and the Ntpass Recorey Floppydisk .. brings up unable to boot.....Also tried the Floppy and xp disk together nothing work either... then someone told me to Pull the jumper off my mother board that didnt work which i think that might only work to reset the Sys Bios password.. so i know this might be confusin but is there anything i can do ??? i also did Fixboot fixmrb and checkdisk in ms dos and thro windows still no go dont get why it tells me No os when everything is there.... someone please help im going nuts

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    Re: XP windows Admin pass+Hd Problem

    Hello Mike,

    I have run into this problem several times. The easiest way to regain access to the hard drive is to run a repair from the install disk. There are two diferrent types of repair to run from the windows xp install disk. The first type is the one that takes you into the dos prompt, which is the type that you have already tried. There is also a second type of repair that you can run from the install disk. When you boot to the windows xp disk and you get to the section of the install where it asks if you want to run a "repair, it also give you the option of just pressing enter to continue the install. At this point it will seem as if you are running a new install, but it will come to another screen that will ask you again if you want to "repair" the windows installation. At this second screen is where you will run the repair. Now it will not take you to the dos prompt but instead it will start deleting the windows xp operating system files and replacing them with the original files form the disk. Don't be alarmed, once the kernel has booted and you are back into windows, it will go thru the normal windows installation part of the install and this is where it will return all of your programs and settings from the original installation.

    Note: You cannot just take a hard drive from one machine and put it in another because Windows XP installations are hardware specific, meaning it looks for the processor type, the amount of memory, and motherboard, etc..

    Hopefully this works, I use it all the time successfully,

    Good Luck!



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      Re: XP windows Admin pass+Hd Problem

      Thank you im going to go try that and ill let you know if it worked for me


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        Re: XP windows Admin pass+Hd Problem

        Ok i Tried that but it didnt work ... this is wut happen ... it brought up the Repair screen i skipped that and pressed enter like you said..... then it brought up windows install which there was no "repair" but i installed it ... it deleted all the .bin .dll .inf files pretty much all system files and reinstalled them, then it said it had to restart to finish the setup which i let it do then it brought back up the same deal after the restart so i installed it again and after it was done it wanted to restart it again to finish so i let it do it again this time i was like ok this is messed up so i removed the xp disk and i restarted my computer and it just brought up the same deal OS Can not be found .... all my Files i need are still on the harddrive thank god :P i had my harddrive jumped when it was on my computer at my old home ... i tried every jumper on it but it still doesnt work ... people have told me to try differnt things like click properties on my E:\ here ill paste it ...." You can do this by right click on the drive (E:\) than go to properties, then the Permission tab, add full control for Everyone, and propagate the privilege to the entire drive." i dont have the premission tab... im on a network im admin on this Hardrive/computer but im not Admin on the network can that have something to with it