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XP Pro - Updates waiting?

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  • XP Pro - Updates waiting?

    Hi all,

    (new user here, just joined. Some great stuff found here over the years).

    I have a network of XP machines doing lab-testing stuff. I also have another XP sitting at the side as a scheduler, starting and stopping jobs on the other machines.

    Lately I've come across a few issues with Windows Updates.

    Does anyone know of a way of checking remotely whether updates have been downloaded and are waiting to be installed.

    I've tried using tasklist /s but all I can see is that the update client is running, not whether it has actually got anything waiting or not.

    I can't see any difference in services or processes running when comparing two machines with and without updates waiting.

    I don't want to turn the updates off, but equally I want to be able to selectively restart a machine when the scheduler deems it appropriate and necessary to do so.

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    Re: XP Pro - Updates waiting?

    Automatic updates if you know a common time that the scheduler deems OK.

    Or you can; turn automatic updates off, and do a manual check through the windows update website with Remote Administration software such as teamviewer or logmein.

    Or, turn them on and set them to install but no restart and you can do a manual restart when you feel safe.
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      Re: XP Pro - Updates waiting?

      Couple of ideas there, thanks.

      I don't really want to install any more stuff on the XPs as I've already stripped them down to the bare minimum to run as fast as possible.

      For the same reason I don't really want to let it download any updates in case they take processor resources away from my tests. I can probably afford to allow the check for updates to take place but I want to exercise some automated decision control over whether I download them or not.

      It's a shame that I can't interrogate the information that Windows has already obtained to see if it's necessary to restart the box or I can safely schedule another test on it first.

      I suppose the other option is to simply turn off the updates and do a blanket check/download/install/restart once a week. Although that could in the long run mean the machine is down for longer than if I had more control over it.

      Thanks anyway


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        Re: XP Pro - Updates waiting?

        With the LogMeIn tool, the latest version you can actually control windows updates, you should take a look at it, it's a pretty lightweight app.
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        "The path to enlightenment is /user/bin/enlightenment"

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          Re: XP Pro - Updates waiting?

          So from what I understand, you want to be able to control the other lab-testing machines from the scheduler machine? If they're networked and on the same subnet, why not just RDP into the lab-testing machines and do a reboot from the scheduler? From command line it goes
          mstsc.exe /v:computer-name
          mstsc.exe /v:computer IP


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            Re: XP Pro - Updates waiting?

            Thanks chaps. Some useful information there.

            But we've drifted off the point. What I was after was a way of finding out whether or not the machine had already downloaded an update and was waiting for a reboot.

            It's not really about controlling the updates themselves. I just want to know IF the machine wants to be rebooted.

            The scheduler has some very simple logic:
            1. Check the machine,
            2. Have you downloaded some updates that need a reboot?,
            3. If yes then I'm not going to schedule a job for you, reboot,
            4. If no then here's a job to do,
            5. Next machine


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              Re: XP Pro - Updates waiting?

              I don't know what level your skills are at, but I saw this page and thought it might be useful to you:


              It's way over my head, but perhaps you can use it. Of interest is the PendingFileRenameOperations value - but, if you use WSUS you can also check a registry key as described by the second commenter at HKLM\Software\MicrosofWindows\CurrentVersion\Windo wsUpdate\Auto Update\RebootRequired

              As you know you can configure WSUS GPO settings not to reboot automatically so perhaps this might help.
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