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XP wants to install a driver that's already installed

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  • XP wants to install a driver that's already installed

    The picture below sums up the problem.

    I hooked an Olivetti JP190 printer to my laptop. Since there's no XP driver for this ancient inkjet printer, I downloaded a driver labeled 'Windows NT' from Olivetti's website.

    The driver works. Device manager says the device is working properly. Indeed, it prints like it should.

    But every time I plug in the printer (or boot with the printer connected), XP proudly announces that it found new hardware and that it urgently needs a file from my XP CD.

    When I pop my CD in, XP can't find the file. And then it tries to find a bunch of other files without success, because they are not on my XP CD.

    Not that it matters, because the printer works fine without them.

    When I hit 'cancel,' XP stays quiet until the next time I boot, and then it starts all over again.

    How can I stop XP from asking again and again and again? Is there a way to force Windows to accept that my printer is already installed?
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