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Change proxy properties with URL

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  • Change proxy properties with URL

    We have an issue where our domain is part of the proxy bypass list.

    However we have got a couple of sites which are hosted externally, albeit with our domain name.

    The obvious way to access them internally is to put in a DNS entry and a route out to the internet - but I would much rather access them through our proxy server (as they will be scanned for viruses and spam, and stats will be collected).

    Can anyone think of a way to achieve this?

    My only thought so far was if there was a switch for IE - so I could put a shortcut on the desktop, which then instructs IE to ignore whatever proxy settings are set in IE, and use whatever follows the switch. I can't find one for this though (unlike google chrome where you can set a proxy by switch).

    Anyone know of a way I can do this?

    We are running Windows XP and IE 6


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    Re: Change proxy properties with URL

    How is your domain name part of the other domain names?
    Are you using something like *yourdomain* ?

    Can you distinguish them by using: (bypassed) (not bypassed) (not bypassed)


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      Re: Change proxy properties with URL

      We are using * in the proxy exception, and this particular url is

      What I need is an exception for the exception!

      The only other idea that I can think of bar adding a static route out for this address (don't want to do this) is to ask the host to put in an alias, eg only for use by internal users, but this isn't ideal for obvious reasons.

      We have got an isa proxy (which I presume can handle a proxy redirection) but the plans are to get rid of this so I'm trying to avoid a solution that involves using that. We do also have some squid boxes so if you have any ideas involving those that might be a possibility?