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Custom Pagefile Size

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  • Custom Pagefile Size

    I have an unusual problem setting a Custom pagefile size.

    Using Win XP Pro SP2, 1Gb memory, System Drive C, Data Drive D (logical), both FAT32, logged on as Administrator. I would like a page file around 512MB on C, rather that the 1.5Gb windows wants to set.

    1. If I allow the system to set the size on C, it gives Recommended 1533 / allocated 841, and parameters of c:\pagefile.sys 0 0 in the Registry Memory Management key

    2. If I set the Custom Size to 512 / 512, it gives recommended 1533 / allocated 1533, and the registry shows c:\pagefile.sys 512 512

    3. When I set No Page file on C and 512 / 512 on D, it gives recommended 1533 / allocated 512, and shows d:\pagefile.sys 512 512 in the registry.

    For some reason, I cannot make the size 'stick' on drive C. I have tried muultiple reboots and combinations of different sizes on C and D. I do not want to use D for the page file, as there can be problems with backup programs such as DriveImage / PartitionMagic, if the System drive gets 'separated' from the drive with the pagefile.

    I also have this problem on another drive with a 'clean' WinXP install, so do not think it is local registry corruption????

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    Re: Custom Pagefile Size

    What do you use to edit the pagefile?? I usually do it via the system properties page.

    Are you rebooting your system after making the relevant changes to the pagefile??


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      Re: Custom Pagefile Size

      I use system properties, and reboot after each change. In fact, before changing pagefile, I usually relocate it to another partition to make sure that the old on is properly cleaned out


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        Re: Custom Pagefile Size

        I have this same problem and I was wondering if you have been able to resolve it.

        ThinkPad T60 with 2GB of RAM

        As long as the Virtual Memory settings is set to "No paging file" I can delete the pagefile.sys from the C drive. As soon as I set a custom size or do a system managed page file, Windows will create a pagefile.sys of 2GB when it is restarted.

        I have tried changing it manually from the registry but whatever I put on the PagingFiles registry key (including renaming it and putting any min and max size), Windows will always create a 2GB pagefile.sys

        I don't have Norton installed (We use McAfee). I have tried restarting with McAfee disabled and I see the same issue. Same thing happens when I go into safe mode.

        Any ideas? It is driving me crazy