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Update XP "SP-Zero" Install CD to SP2 for Install?

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  • Update XP "SP-Zero" Install CD to SP2 for Install?

    Hello all,

    SCENARIO/BACKGROUND: I have a brand new PC (a Dell Dimension 9100, delivered yesterday). I have a home business running a Windows Server 2003 SBS Domain. I bought the Dell with XP Home (to save $90), as I already have a boxed retail-purchased Windows XP Pro "full" (not upgrade) CD that's been sitting on the shelf for 3 years, never used, and I intended to wipe the drive and install that retail license of Windows to this new system.

    That said, this 2001-minted CD is "Service Pack zero", and will not even get more than a minute into installation without blue-screening with various errors, mostly due to lack of recognition of the newer components in this system. Just a mess.

    HERE'S THE QUESTION: Is there any way to "update" this CD (or copy thereof) with XP Service Pack 2, such that I'm booting off it and using XP SP2 install set files, rather than SP0? The original plan was to just boot from the retail CD, format the volume, install, and then run all the updates, but it looks like that plan won't work.

    ...Or am I stuck paying Dell $90 more for the XP Pro I'm starting to think I should have paid for in the first place (or worse, buying ANOTHER box for $200).


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    Re: Update XP "SP-Zero" Install CD to SP2 for Install?

    You can slipstream service pack 2 into your exisiting installation. You can do this manually but i prefer to use a small tool called nLite. I think this little tool is excellent.

    There are a huge amount of things you can do to make your "own" customized windows xp and you will get more info here MSFN Unattend XP CD

    Good luck


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      Solved: Update XP "SP-Zero" Install CD to SP2 for Install?

      Thank you! Your slipstream suggestion worked perfectly. I copied the CD files to the hard drive, then just used the -s:[target] in the SP2 installer to update the setup CD. I then used nLite to create and ISO and burned it to CD.

      At that point, I just ran it (within XP Home) as an "upgrade" install and it worked perfectly.

      Thank you again for the help. Slipstream is actually pretty cool...just never used it.



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        Re: Update XP "SP-Zero" Install CD to SP2 for Install?

        Good to see you have solved your problem