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W2K Pro and XP (Urgent) administer services without admin access!

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  • W2K Pro and XP (Urgent) administer services without admin access!

    Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I have a somewhat perplexing and (of urgent issue that I need to resolve and I am (inspite of expertise and experience) at a loss re. how to get around this issue. We have a single NT based domain (outdated... I and numerous programmers that presently have local administrative rights (o/s = XP Pro SP2) to install programs and more importantly to start/stop services. The program install is no issue, since we can merely remove them from the admin group. The services on the other hand are critical, since these developers frequently need to start and stop SQL and Oracle services on their machines when they are testing code, etc... Is there any way to secure the laptop/pc (i.e. remove them from the local admin groups) and still allow them to start/stop services in general and certaiin specific services in particular? P.S. It has to be a local policy or setting since we are not yet (soon) Active Directory, also because the laptops are taken offsite and are not always connected to the domain re. policy inheritance, etc... PLEASE HELP!