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XP Pro Cannot Install Windows Essentials [Was: problem with windows xp pro]

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  • XP Pro Cannot Install Windows Essentials [Was: problem with windows xp pro]

    hi guys. I got problem with my pc. cannot install windows essentials, plus some of the files probably missing

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    Re: problem with windows xp pro

    What exactly is the problem you're experiencing? What files could you be missing?

    Have a read of your original post - do you think you'd be able to solve your problem with that level of detail?

    Please read forum rule 4 and then give us the information we will need to have any chance of assisting you.

    We know you're on XP Pro - which version, 32-bit or 64-bit? What service pack? Is it fully patched?

    What antivirus and other security software do you have installed?

    What steps have you taken to try to resolve the problem?
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      Re: problem with windows xp pro

      Run sfc /scannow and have your windows disk available.

      Re download the Windows Essentials MSI files and try again.