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XP Pro Keeps on Creating New User Profile

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  • XP Pro Keeps on Creating New User Profile

    Hi guys,

    I faced a few similar incidents recently regarding a very odd behavior happening to my users in Windows XP.

    In my working environment, all the PCs are preloaded with corporate images (XP and corporate specified software preloaded) from Dell, one of which is Novell Client. Following is the description to the symptom.

    Users normally login to their desktop environment with the Novell Client while selecting 'Workstation Only' so that they can login to our AD. Most of the users login to their desktop without any problems. But some of the users are facing the problem which Windows will automatically regenerate a new desktop environment (new profile under c:\Documents and Settings) for them over some times. This makes things very inconvenience to users, as all the works they've done were save in their previous profile and my suggestion is to ask the users to copy those file to new profile manually; but this problem will keep on happening over some time later and the users need to do the manual copy thing over and over again.

    Not sure if y'all can understand what i mean or not. Does anyone face this kind of problem before? I'll appreciate if someone can help me to address this problem.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Re: XP Pro Keeps on Creating New User Profile

    Delete the "Default user" Folder from C:\document & settings.


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      Re: XP Pro Keeps on Creating New User Profile

      One workaround would be to have important folders like the desktop and my documents redirected to a central location. That way all their important work can be backed up too.

      From the sounds of it they're all using local profiles and saving everything locally?

      What does event viewer have to say on the PC when it happens?


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        Re: XP Pro Keeps on Creating New User Profile

        Is this where the old profiles get renamed profilename.000 and profilename.001 etc etc?
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