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Network issue, can't ping PC in local network

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  • Network issue, can't ping PC in local network

    Hi All.
    I've got really strange issue with few PCs in local network. All PCs run on Win XP SP3,
    have Symantec Endpoint Protection on and Windows firewall off.
    First of all I can ping any PC or server from these PCs but can't ping back to them.
    Related to this I cant share anything from these PCs.

    Second issue: When start PCs, couple services are not running automatically. Here is a list: DHCP Client, Server, Computer Browser, Workstation. So I cant connect to network drives from PCs. But all these services can ran manually or from .bat file at start up.

    Third thing is that Applying Computer settings procedure on these PCs takes up to 5 min, while on other PCs in network ~1 min.

    Could you please advice what can cause this?

    Any additional info will be provided.

    PS: nslookup gives no errors.


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    Re: Network issue, can't ping PC in local network

    You have the Windows firewall off, so that cannot be the problem, but how about the firewall of Symantec? Have you tried do disable that one also?

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      Re: Network issue, can't ping PC in local network

      the thing is also, SEP would not be turning off those services.

      SEP MAY be blocking the network communucation, however just for amusements sake, i'd be considering a malware scan on the computers in question
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        Re: Network issue, can't ping PC in local network

        Thanks to all for replies.
        Just finished malware scan on one PC: nothing.
        We have also perform full anti-virus scan with SEP. Last one didn't find anything.
        I tried disable SEP: no luck. Also, I can't start Windows Firewall service.
        The Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) service terminated with the following error:
        Access is denied.

        This message put me in bad mood, cause I run PC under admin account.
        Also I have this errors in Application log:
        Windows cannot perform filter check for Group Policy object CN={C53086B5-7737-410A-BBDA-9968C1C51854},CN=Policies,CN=System,DC=AdvancedTec hnologyProducts,DC=local. The associated filter cannot be found. This Group Policy Object will be skipped.
        Event ID: 1104

        Windows cannot query for the list of Group Policy objects. A message that describes the reason for this was previously logged by the policy engine.
        Event ID: 1030.

        I think that this can be an issue of long start up.
        But why services are not starting I don't know.
        I'll try to repair Windows on one PC to see if this helps.

        All advices are welcome.


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          Re: Network issue, can't ping PC in local network

          The Windows Firewall not starting may well be a red herring, you're clearly in a Domain environment so the firewall settings can be manged through GPO. SBS Domains do this by default for example.

          I've seen SEP cause weird errors before, such as slow logon, but those services not starting does smell of virus/malware. Is SEP updating OK? From memory Symantec security products don't really turn off, even if you tell them to, it's one of the (many!) reasons I won't touch their AV.

          As a test I'd also try downloading a free AV program (E.g. MS Security Essentials) and uninstalling SEP on a machine and installing another AV program temporarily to keep it protected. Then see if you still get the logon issue.
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            Re: Network issue, can't ping PC in local network

            I agree with cruachan. I have seen the same problem on my home network. Disabling the firewall did not make any difference. Uninstalling it did.
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              Re: Network issue, can't ping PC in local network

              without the dhcp client and workstation services running those pc's will not network automatically.

              try changing the services to automatic for the startup under their properties.

              I have seen an instance where the workstation service had somehow turned off and changed to manual from automatic, at that time i wasnt sure what caused it but SEP wasn't anywhere in sight.
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