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generic host process for win32 problem

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  • generic host process for win32 problem

    Hopefully I'm posting this in the right section.

    I get this message after my PC has been running 10 to 45 min or so. After it shows, I lose my sound. I've checked the hardware and it says there is no sound
    device but when I troubleshoot it , the Realtek software plays all test sounds. Also, system sounds play.

    What's also kinda weird is if I already have a sound application up ( Itunes,aol radio, or you tube for example ) they keep playing. Only if I close them and try to
    reopen will it say "no sound device detected".

    I run Win XP pro w/ SP3. I can provide the specifics on the Microsoft reporting popup, but I don't have it at the moment ( at work ) .

    Any ideas ?


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    Re: generic host process for win32 problem

    It would be useful if you could give us the exact error, preferable as a screen shot, as would telling us the make/model of the sound device.

    In the meantime, I would ensure that you have the latest driver installed for your sound device.
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      Re: generic host process for win32 problem

      Also have a look in the Event Viewer and post the message. There is an option to copy it to the Clipboard. Post the copy and enclose it in the QUOTE or CODE tags.
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