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Logon Screen Freezing (domain)

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  • Logon Screen Freezing (domain)


    I'm having a very strange problem with a few computers. On the logon screen (Domain) sometimes, when they press ctrl alt delete, it's frozen, but mouse can move. if not, they type password, then press enter. Now all is grayed and frozen, only mouse can move. it takes sometimes 2 or 3 reboot to get in.

    it's not all computer that have this problem.

    Any idea? I've tried to see in the event, but there is no error related to this problem (I thought I would see: Domain control is unreachable, or something like that)...



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    Re: Logon Screen Freezing (domain)

    check DNS settings.
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      Re: Logon Screen Freezing (domain)


      On client or server? Today, I tried ipconfig /registerdns

      I've check configuration with ipconfig /all, and everything looks good. DNS are the two domain controller, so it's all good.

      What else I could check over the DNS?


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        Re: Logon Screen Freezing (domain)

        Can you ping the DNS servers? Are your XP clients properly configured? Make sure that DNS and WINS addresses are correct.

        Is there any software on the affected clients that may cause this? Heavy anti-virus for example? Or, do you have any GPO's installing/making changes etc?
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          Re: Logon Screen Freezing (domain)

          Hi friend.
          Check event log. Usually it will provide you with more info.
          Also, an AV + rootkit scan won't hurt

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            Re: Logon Screen Freezing (domain)

            sounds like it could be non microsoft services starting up in the background, could be worth disabling some for troubleshooting, but remembering which ones u changed.
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              Re: Logon Screen Freezing (domain)

              Hi Guys!

              Well now, it's seems all fine. I did check DNS on each computer, tried to registerdns, I did first a flushdns, I also cleared dns on the domain controllers, and looks fine.

              Thanks for your help, I appreciate