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[WinXP Home]Block users from access shared folders

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  • [WinXP Home]Block users from access shared folders

    Hello everybody,

    this is the problem: I need to block an user from accessing network neighborhood and various shared folders.

    I have access only to the computer used by the user, and i can' t modify security properties of these shared folders ( no access ).

    So i presume that i need to use mmc, but in which way?

    And, also, i don' t need ( in fact, i can' t ) to block user from accessing internet.

    I know, this is a "strange" question, but i have a computer in an university network and i need to deny access from accessing teachers' folders ( more of them didn' t protect their folders with a password ).

    That Pc was assigned to me so i' am responsible of any kind of unwanted access or worse...

    Many thanks