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  • Media player issue

    We push a webcast for meetings and some people have problems opening it. Strangely enough, one of our machines is having the same problem.

    When you click on the webcast link. Media Player opens up and just sits there...with a black screen. We have 7 machines that are imaged the exact same and they all do it.

    Take another laptop (not from the 7) and it works fine on the same firewall with different (and same) media player settings and updates. Meaning it doesn't matter what version it plays.

    I've done all the windows and media player updates that fix.
    I've changed the encoder just to make sure that wasn't the fix.
    I've uninstalled/reinstalled media player to make sure it wasn't an install problem of some sort.

    I've tried zoom player on one of the machines that it doesn't play on...and it plays!

    So there is something wrong with media player that is stopping it from working.

    I'm not using any sort of crazy codec either...

    I've included a link below that will take you directly to what we are webcasting. It's just a city council meeting, nothing super crazy.


    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Media player issue

    In XP I would imagine this would buffer into a temp folder so my grasp at straws is that if the problem machines are using a temp location it may be a permission that is incorrect. Have you tried running the WMV on the machine when logged on with an Admin account?

    I just did that as both a Standard User and Admin account and the file ran under both accounts.
    You got any errors in the Event Viewer?
    Any error in Media Player?
    Any GPOs running on the Win7 machines
    What anti virus are you running on the Win7 machines? Is it the same as on the XP machines?
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      Re: Media player issue

      For media player id first try the mega codec pack to see if it helps.

      other than that id just use VLC to view the streaming media.
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