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Windows XP keeps deleting RDC credentials

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  • Windows XP keeps deleting RDC credentials

    So we have our Windows XP machines with RDC with the majority being RDC6.1.

    For some reason every so often they will delete the saved login credentials for our TS. It appear to be on reboot.

    Does anyone know the reason behind it doing this, or a way to fix it?
    Having to redo these is really getting annoying.
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    Re: Windows XP keeps deleting RDC credentials

    Could it be a group policy script removing the credentials/connection on reboot?

    Try removing a computer from the domain creating the connection on a local account then reboot the PC and see if its still there on reboot if so I'd imagine there's something in a GPO or start-up script that's causing this issue.

    Hope this helps.

    Alternatively try RDC 7.0 as this may resolve your issue here's the link:
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