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XP Laptop, desktop blank...

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  • XP Laptop, desktop blank...

    Logon screen ok, but nothing on screen apart from the wallpaper.. Same for the user, administrator account and Safe Mode. No start button, or desktop icons, or bottom bar.. CTRL-ALT-DELETE still works, but Task Manager does not start when clicked. Any ideas? I seem to remember having a server with this problem some time ago, and having to expand out a file from the CD, but can't for the life of me remember what it was….

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    Re: XP Laptop, desktop blank...

    Personally i would like to connect to it using its network connection if you can, take off anything you need and rebuild it.

    Other than that have you tried safemode?

    PS - My brothers PC had something like this recently and eventually it was rebuilt.
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      Re: XP Laptop, desktop blank...

      I remembered the server solution - expand the msgina.dll file from the installtion CD into system32 folder and overwrite the original one... but this didn't help this time.

      Looks like I will have to rebuild.. as a last hope I did a repair install of XP, and still had the same problem. Just curious as to what would cause this..

      ps.. just had another laptop come across my desk that allows you to log-in, but then logs you straight out again.. all accounts, safe mode or not. This is most definately NOT being my day... !!