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DHCP Server on WIN XP Pro

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  • DHCP Server on WIN XP Pro


    I would like to use my winxp pro as a DHCP server that will distribute IP addresses to other computer on my network, but couldn't find how to install it.
    Can someone help on that?

    Thanks and Regards,

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    Re: DHCP Server on WIN XP Pro

    Unlike Windows 2000 or 2003, XP does not have the ability to run the Microsoft DHCP service. This is because it is a client operating systems.

    To use your XP machine as a DHCP server you will need a third party product to do this. Hust do a search on google for something like 'Windows XP DHCP Freeware' or browse to ''

    Hope This Helps


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      Re: DHCP Server on WIN XP Pro

      Well not entirely true because if you enable the ICS (internet connection service) that starts a very simple DHCP server. Not as good as Windows 2000/2003 DHCP server.
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        Re: DHCP Server on WIN XP Pro

        That is true. ICS is very limited. I used to use it myself before I started connecting into our corporate lan from home. Got nothing but problems with it. Finally switched to a PIX 501 for tunnelling plus it acted as a DHCP server


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          Re: DHCP Server on WIN XP Pro

          As has been mentioned there is no real option to use XP as a DHCP server without using third party software.

          You may want to look at this, i haven't used it or tested it but it seems to do what you want it to do.

          You may also want to look at this