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problem with offline files

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  • problem with offline files

    When I'm trying to make a folder available offline i have some doubts:

    1-All the files content of this folder and the files under the subfolders will be located on the root directory of the offline folder i.E if I have a folder called "Root" includes two subfolders "1" and "2" and both subfolders 1 and 2 includes files. When I mark the "root" folder to be available offline , all the contents of folder 1 and 2 will be located under the "Shortcut to Offline Files" without folder 1 and 2 and like this I can't know if the files related to folder 1 or folder 2. I know this is the correct concept of this function but is it possible to make also the folders name including the files available offline?

    2-If I tried to mark another folder (root2) to be available offline, all the contents for that folder will be located in the default "Offline Files Folder " is it possible to make it available in different offline folder called root2 or it must be available always under the same default "Offline Files Folder " .

    3-somtimes I'm not able to brows anything in the server in case i have some folders available offline. when i map my server \\server\ i can't see any thing on the server except of the offline files. anyone have an idea about this behavior
    Note: i'm using windows XP and trying to make offline files on my win 2003 server