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Shutting Down XP - Powering back up Problem

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  • Shutting Down XP - Powering back up Problem

    Can you help - We have recently installed Microsoft XP Pro and got rid of Win 98. However when using the Turn Off Computer or shut down command in Win 98 my PC used to auto power off. Now with XP it just acts as if you have asked it to restart and comes back on instead of powering off?!?!

    Any suggestions as to why it is doing that since we started using XP?

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    One of my older computers used to do this it was down to the BIOS being out of date.

    But you could try looking at these: -

    MS Knowledge bite on the problem.;en-us;311806

    Other tweaks;filter=plain
    (go to line 76 and download tweak)

    Roxio CD Creator / Direct CD causes this as well: -

    I have also heard of some Anti-Virus programs causing this problem.

    Good luck.[/b]
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