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  • Add a task using command line


    I have a domain with 27 WinXP computers.
    Each computer has a Domain User.
    The domain users are just users (No DOMAIN ADMIN rights)
    The users are just users in the local account, i don't want to make a user a local computer admin.
    I created a domain policy, to add a task to each user when logon.
    Basically, when a user logon, a DOS batch is executed, and inside the batch is a command line like AT or SCHTASKS to add a Windows task.
    The problem is that the task is not added because the user does not have enough permisions to add the task from the command line.
    If the user add the task using the windows interface, then is ok.

    The task that i want to add, is a VB Script, that every day, at 08.00 PM, makes a copy of some files and then turn the computer off.

    I DON'T want to make standard users, domain admin or local admin.
    I DON'T want to go to each computer and add the task manually, neither using a remote control program to access each PC from my PC.
    I DON'T want the user to put a user name or pass when the task is added.

    May be there are some alternatives to achieve this.

    I think a centralized backup is not the best option, because when a user leaves the company, i have to re-program the backup to copy the files from the new user profile.

    May be a kind of centralized task scheduler...

    I'll appreciate your support.