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windows xp & 98 dialup server

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  • windows xp & 98 dialup server

    Hi Friends,

    I have two system one is windows xp and windows 98. I want to connect these two machines thru modem/PSTN. So i have installed dialup server in windows 98. Then i am dialing from windows xp. i am able to dial and connect, it proceeds till verifying username and password, but then it fails saying access denied wrong username/password.

    I am able to dial from windows 98 to windows xp (i.e, allowing xp for incoming connections) But i am not able to connect to windows 98 (allowing win 98 for incoming connections)

    Note: This is an urgent requirement for me so don't ask me to change the OS (only 98 & xp/2k )

    Pls help me out.

    thanx in advance

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    Re: windows xp & 98 dialup server

    How do you have the Windows 98 machine configured? Have you installed the Dialup Server option (think that is what it is called)? Do you have identical user accounts on both machines?
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      Re: windows xp & 98 dialup server

      You will need to prefix the username with the machine name (as I doubt these two machine are on a domain). So if you connecting to the win98 machine from xp when prompted for a username type <win98 machinename>\<win98 username>.

      Also worth double abd triple checking your DUN setting in 98.

      Ohh and is it Win98SE? If not you need to patch it to DUN v1.3 (i think that's the right ver), as everything before was a POS!!

      Hope you get it sorted mate



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        Re: windows xp &amp; 98 dialup server


        I have tried as u said(win98 hostname\win98 userid) but still it is not connecting. It says authentication failed. I even upgraded Dun to MS Dun 1.4

        These two machines are in workgroup only. They have identical userid & even identical passwords on both the machines. I have insalled netbeui, IPS/SPX and enabled file & print sharing on both client(xp) & server (win9.

        Any ideas.