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Making pre-installations easier?

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  • Making pre-installations easier?


    I was wondering if it was possible with some tool or local policy to do the following :
    * Turn off the themes service (disable)
    * Turn off sleep mode & hibernation mode
    * Performance options "best performance" + "Drop shadows" enabled
    * Enable screensaver with password protection at 20 minutes
    * Disable Offline folders
    * and many more

    The reason why I ask this, is because I have to install 3-4 PC's a day for the next several weeks. If there is an option to do this with some kind of tool, i would reduce my time for the pre-installations a lot.

    If you can help me, please let me know.


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    Re: Making pre-installations easier?


    All tweaks you've listed can be done via the registry. Specifically, you can import the *.REG files, reboot (for HKLM) or logoff (for HKCU) and be done with it.

    As for the particular tweaks... You can either monitor the registry changes with regmon ( or download the regtweak file attached to the first post in this thread at MSFN board. You'll find all the tweaks you specified, including "many more"

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      Re: Making pre-installations easier?

      Are these computers going to belong to an active directory domain? If so then why not use GP (Group Policy)? It should take care of most if not all of these settings.
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        Re: Making pre-installations easier?


        These computers will not be a part of a domain. They will be in a standard workgroup.
        I'll checkout the first post and see what it will do.

        Tim Van Engeland