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No login and username is working for XP

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  • No login and username is working for XP


    One of the machine in my company i.e HP 2300dx got login problem when i joined the system from domain A to domain B. After joining to the domain B the system rebooted and when i tried to login with domain B it showed me error that the domain B is not available, i tried to login with the old username and password of domain A and again i got the same messange domain A not available.

    I tried with the local admin but its giving me wrong passwrod error, i reset the admin password to blank using one XP resetting utility which i had ( I think its name is log pc 2.0 ) but still no use.

    Can anybody help me to enter the system so that i can get my employee data back else i have to remove the hard drive and put it in another system to get the data back which will cost me a lot of time.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: No login and username is working for XP

    Make sure the computer's TCP/IP Client settings, are correct, specifically its DNS Client settings (log in with a local admin account).

    If you need to log in using a domain A user, simply unplug it from the network and you should be able to log in using cached credentials.
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      Re: No login and username is working for XP

      local admin is also not working and system is using wireless PCI card...i tried safemood as well but no use.


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        Re: No login and username is working for XP

        TRy Peter Nordahl's password reset utility - I've never had a problem with it. (I think it's nordahl, have a look through the password-resetting forum)

        Change the local admin password to blank.
        reboot. ensure you're usign the local admin password.

        Problem will be changing your settings if you can't log on as an administrator naturally.

        I have to ask though, how much data do you need to copy off, and how long will it take you ? HOw long have you already spent on the issue... ?
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          Re: No login and username is working for XP

          hi tehcamel,

          i have tried almost three password resetting utilities and they are all not working, i believe something wrong with the the end i copied the data using hiren boot windows xp mini edition and it was around 25 GB in size. After that i reinstalled the fresh windows and its working fine now.

          I almost wasted more than half day on the system, very annoying...

          Thank you very much for your help and guidance, i really appreciate that you spare time and give answers.