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Uninstall microsoft management console - help!

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  • Uninstall microsoft management console - help!


    On my windows XP pro sp3 desktop I have installed Adminpak.msi to mange our domain. I have an MMC snap-in for Active Directory which I access by 'run as' to use my domain admin account (my logged on account is local user). The problem is while I access the MMC thru Run-as , the windows explorer (explorer.exe) crashes and nothing comes up. I tried different MMC snap-ins' and different admin accounts but it all ended up the same. But when I simply double click on the MMC it opens up and seems fine, but I can not access the AD console as the logged on account is a local user.

    Is there a way to uninstall mmc.exe and install again? While I downloaded and tried to install MMC v3.0, it says there's latest version installed already because I have SP3..

    Appreciate some clues.
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    Re: Uninstall microsoft management console - help!

    As far as I am aware the MMC uses the logged on user account when accessing componants within the admin pak.

    Try this

    If that fails the uninstall SP3 and reapply
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