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Yet Another Offline Sync problem - GPO and missing files.

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  • Yet Another Offline Sync problem - GPO and missing files.

    Okay, I'm going to try to put in as much relevant info as I can.

    Most of my company is on either thin clients or laptops (my boss feels that from a disaster recovery standpoint, this is better). For the sake of this discussion, I'm having issues with the laptops.

    The server OS is win2k3 R2. Client OS is XP. We don't have Vista or Windows 7 here.

    On the server: I have an OU for the users, and one for laptops and an offline sync GPO that applies to both the user and system OUs.

    When I first came to this place a few months ago, it looks like everyone's My Documents folders were being redirected to C:\%username% by someone that used to work here a long time ago.

    So I created a policy that did the folder redirection of the My Documents from C:\%username% to "Basic - Redirect everyone's folder to the same location".. and the specified location is "Redirect to the user's home folder" which is set as U:\ in the user profile.

    Also, people have a tendency to leave a bunch of documents on the Desktop, so I redirected the Desktop to \\MyDFSShare\share\user_src\%username%\Desktop

    Now, I was told by my manager that he wanted this to work is as follows:

    1. Synchronization happens automatically without user intervention
    2. Synchronization occurs at log on and log off
    3. The ability to "Make offline" is not only checked, it's not supposed to be there.
    4. All subfolders are automatically sync'ed as well.

    We also have a wireless enabled with WPA2 which people authenticate with by using their domain username/password combo.

    My issue:

    I'm experiencing some funkiness in the way things are being sync'ed, especially when switching from wired to wireless and back again. When they disconnect, they lose access to one of their network drives, and are unable to get to any network resources without forcing a manual sync. If a user tries to print, for instance, they only way the printer's going to be available if they're automatically kick off a sync which then makes everything available again.

    Likewise, if I disconnect my laptop and reconnect at home, I don't really even get a desktop (it kinda hangs) and none of my offline folders are available until I connect it up to the VPN (checkpoint).

    Any suggestions besides the fact that I'm ugly and my mother dresses me funny?

    Thanks in advance,

    - Ed