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memory cleanup on xp startup...

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  • memory cleanup on xp startup...

    hi everyone,

    i have a xin xp pro which everytime at startup giving me a blue screen and right after a virtual memory cleaning process. soon it's finished it's starting up normaly...

    what can cause this problem ? any ideas ?

    thanks in advanced.

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    Re: memory cleanup on xp startup...

    i'd start with a memory dump. configure the system to store a memory dump and analyse it next time the system is up and running.
    good luck with that

    other than that i'd try simple troubleshooting.
    1. start in safe mode. does the same thing happen?
    2. if it doesn't happen in safe mode, try starting in vga mode. if that works, it's likely the graphics card is causing the problem. try updating or rolling back the drivers and see what happens.

    my guess is you either have a driver conflict or some faulty hardware in your machine. again, the memory dump will probably point to the cause.
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